Learn how to activate your Yorlet account and keep it safe

As soon as you create a Yorlet account, you can begin interacting with, and onboarding customers. All of Yorlet's core features are available from the get go, however you can upgrade your account to include Investors, Teams and more Units at anytime from Account Billing.

Activating your account

Account activation is a simple process: you fill out the account application requesting some basic information about your business, your own personal relationship to your business, and your properties. You'll be prompted to follow these five steps the first time you log in:

  1. Create an Entity

  2. KYC check

  3. Add a Building

  4. Add Units

  5. Start 30-day free trial

Once you’ve activated your account, you can immediately start managing on Yorlet.

For the best customer experience, we recommend that you add a Contract (AST or other) and the correct Branding to you account before engaging with new customers through the platform.

Account Branding

Branding determines the UI colours and name presented to your customers during the application process, on emails sent by the platform and throughout their tenancy. You can update and change branding in realtime and can even override branding at many levels throughout the platform.

When you set the branding at the Account level this can be overridden by a Team's branding, and then again by a Building's branding. This is important to understand if you wish to manage multiple brands under one account.

To change your brand colours use the Hex code that matches your primary brand colour.

Public information

The following details are made visible to your customers, either during the application process or in emails sent by Yorlet. You can override these details at the Building level.

  • Business name and website URL

  • Business email address and phone number

  • Statement descriptor text

This information is provided by you when you activate your account, and can be updated any time in your account’s Entity Settings. Make sure your statement descriptor text and business information can be clearly associated with you. If a customer cannot recognise one of your payments, they may dispute it.

Statement descriptors are limited to between 5 and 22 characters. They must contain at least 5 letters and cannot use the special characters <, >, \, ', ", or *.

Keeping your account safe

Once you’ve set up your account, you’ll want to keep it safe. Here are some recommendations:

1. Keep private information private

Your password should be known only to you, and your secret API keys kept confidentially on your own servers. As a reminder, Yorlet employees will never ask you for them.

2. Don't reuse your Yorlet password

Your password should be unique to Yorlet. If you use your password on another site and that site is compromised, an attacker could use those stolen credentials to take over your account.

3. Use team members to provide others with access to your account

You can invite others to your Yorlet account so they can log in and take certain actions, but with limited access.

4. Update your computer and browser regularly

We recommend configuring your computer to automatically download and install updates (e.g., macOS or Windows). This helps protect your system against automated attacks and malware.

Yorlet does not support Internet Explorer.

5. Beware of phishing

All genuine Yorlet sites use the domain and are secured by HTTPS. If you get an email from us that you don’t expect, go directly to our site to log in. Do not enter your password after clicking a link in email. If you’re ever not sure it’s really us, contact our customer support via Intercom on the dashboard..

Next steps

Read on to learn more about using your Yorlet account!


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