Instant Reference

Complete an identity check and generate a credit report in minutes.

Yorlet has integrated with Movem's Partner API, which uses Open Banking to provide an instant credit report and identity check. When an applicant is referenced, they complete income analysis, rent analysis, affordability checks and a credit search.

Movem is a third party referencing company, which is part of the Homelet Group.

Enabling referencing

To activate Instant Referencing you must first create an Application. When you add an applicant, you will be prompted to input their email address and select 'Yes' or 'No' under the require reference option.

Adding a reference to the application

If referencing is enabled, applicants will be required to complete the reference check before they are able to submit their application.

The Instant Reference is sent back to your dashboard, and the information is displayed back to you via a clear report. This is downloadable any time into PDF format for easy distribution. You can also view the report in the platform by using Global Search to find a successful application.

View a reference

References are permanently stored on an application regardless of whether they were successful or not.

You can download a PDF copy of the reference from the report.

Transaction Analysis

The transaction analysis is made up of three components, an income analysis, rent analysis and an affordability calculator.

By logging into their Online Banking, the applicant provides our partner with one-time, read-only access to their transaction history. From this, our partner will detect and analyse their income and rent from multiple sources.

Income Analysis

Our partner will detect, verify, analyse and contextualise the applicants transactions, and present all the information you need in an instant.

This may include employment type, salary, bonuses, commission, pay rises and length of employment.

Rent Analysis

Our partner provides unprecedented reliability with proof of previous rental payments, including length of tenancy, rent paid, frequency of payments and if any payments have been made late.

Affordability Calculator

Our partner is powered by data, and can provide a measure of affordability far beyond the traditional conversation-driven reference of the past. Our partner provides a contextual and easy-to-understand evaluation of the applicants affordability, with more data points than ever before.

Credit reference checks

Our partner integrates directly with credit reference agencies—exactly like traditional referencing companies—this includes checking an applicant’s address, identity and searching for any adverse credit.

Address Check

Our provider verifies that the applicant’s current residential address, and any recent previous addresses, match official records.

Identity Check

Our provider verifies that the applicant’s full name and date of birth match official records. And we’ll also verify whether the applicant is registered on the electoral role.

Adverse Credit Check

Our provider obtains 6 years of data on CCJs (County Court Judgements), bankruptcies, insolvencies and other adverse credit history.

What information does a report display?

As shown below, a historic display of rent payments, as well as income received in shown, along with various other information.

Next steps

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