Learn how to use Billing.

Starting on 14th September 2019 a new regulation called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) comes into effect, requiring businesses in Europe to request additional information to authenticate customers making online payments. Yorlet’s Billing product fully supports SCA making it easy for you to stay compliant without having to manage the complex change.


Billing is a payment stack that allows you to create Subscriptions, generate Invoices and process Payments. Its job is to give you complete control over your revenue. Track arrears in real-time and use automated tools to recover lost rent. Make it simpler to transact with your customers with the support of multiple payment methods, as well as a robust Payouts mechanism that can manage multiple business bank accounts.

Start collecting rent

To start collecting rent on Yorlet you must first Confirm an Application, or Add an active Tenancy. This triggers the creation of a Subscription allowing you to automatically take recurring rent payments from your customers.

If you'd prefer to take rent payments manually, see our Guide on Hosted invoices.

Track your invoices

See the status of your invoices at a glance, edit pending invoices and track anything in arrears. Visit the Invoices dashboard for a real-time overview of your finances.

View payments

Billing provides analytics from the dashboard to help track the volume of rent payments you are receiving through the platform, you can toggle the dates and unit interval to quickly measure revenue over the past week, month or year. It also displays the total and historical Deposit volume you have collected giving complete visibility on client money you may be holding.

If you'd prefer an in-depth breakdown you can view all your payments (from holding fees to rent), from the dashboard via Payments.

View your balance

After your residents have paid rent the money will be on the way to your bank account - this process can take up to 5 business days depending on the Payment method used. To get an overview of money on the way to you bank and the arrival date of these funds be sure to check out the Payments dashboard or Payouts.

Next steps

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