Learn how payments work on the Yorlet platform.

Starting on 14th September 2019 a new regulation called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) comes into effect, requiring businesses in Europe to request additional information to authenticate customers making online payments. Yorlet’s Billing product fully supports SCA making it easy for you to stay compliant without having to manage the complex change.


Payments move through a series of statuses from creation to success.




The payment is processing.


This occurs when a payment is created while the customer is off session, the customer will be sent an email explaining the steps required to complete the payment.


The payment failed.


The payment succeeded.

You will be able to see the status of each payment in the Dashboard.

Off Session Payments

Off session payments occur when a payment is made with a saved Payment Method. Sometimes the customers bank will require additional authentication to ensure the transaction is legitimate and reduce fraud, this triggers a status change to requires_action and an email will be sent to the customer explaining the steps required to complete the payment.

Failed payments

If a payment made through the platform fails it could be for a variety of reasons - to find out further information hover your mouse over the failed tag to see a reason and a message detailing the issue.


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