Lead how to convert Enquiries into Residents.


Lettings is a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) that provides a set of tools for managing Enquiries, Viewings and Rental Applications. Its job is to secure new customers in minutes. You can also store all of your customer data, preferences and make notes - helping to structure your sales process and share information across your team.

There are many ways to progress a customer through the CRM. New leads can be automatically or manually logged on Enquiries, from which you can seamlessly Create Viewings and Applications, as well as log useful customer data. Alternatively, you can outright create an Application before logging a lead in the CRM. This can be used for both new and active residents. Use Applications to automate the transaction process and track Referencing, Deposit collection and Contracts.

The CRM will automatically create a Resident and a Subscription after an Application has been successfully created.

Get Started

To use Lettings ensure you have first activated you account, follow our Quickstart guide on account activation. Enquiries can be used to log customers before you have created any Buildings or added Units to the platform, however usage will be limited and we'd recommend you take time to structure your Properties properly before starting. This includes Adding Units, Pricing, Branding and Support information.

Integrating Enquiries

You can integrate our Enquiries API into your website and marketing, completely automating the collection of new leads in your portfolio. See our API documentation guide here.

Not a developer?

Although a custom Yorlet integration requires you to either be, or hire, a developer, you have many alternatives. Follow our guide on Yorlet Enquiry forms.

Branded emails

Yorlet will occasionally and automatically send out emails to your customers e.g. After creating a viewing a confirmation of the booking will be emailed to you customer. All emails that are sent by Yorlet can be customised to include your brand colours, name and icon. You can change your branding under a Building's settings.

Collecting Holding fees, Deposits and Move-in payments

Lettings allows you to manage multiple payment types throughout the Application process, including:

  • Holding fees - take an upfront commitment from your applicants.

  • Deposits - protect your apartment from damage and mitigate risk.

  • Move-in payments - get applicants to pay a portion of their rent in advance before moving in.

Next steps

Read on to get started with Lettings!


We're always happy to help with any questions you might have. Search our documentation, contact support, or connect with our sales team.