Contract signing

Learn how to send out and sign e-contracts.

Contracts are used to complete Applications and are enabled after you Create a Contract. Yorlet currently support these contract types: ASTs, License agreements and Guarantor agreements. Yorlet contracts are automatically generated and stored in the cloud, meaning they are available to sign and download any time, anywhere.


For an applicant, the process of signing a contract marks their end of the application journey. You are only able to sign the AST after the applicant, this is known as a countersignature. Once the contract is ready to sign it will appear on the Application card and on your Home screen (under Contracts).

How to counter-sign a Yorlet contract

Once counter-signed, a Tenancy is initiated which leads to the creation of a new Resident and a Subscription. It will also give applicants access to their Resident Portal.

Audit log

After an applicant reaches the stage at which they sign the contract, you will be given access to an Audit Log, which makes it simple to track where applicants are in the journey.

You can view a trail of contract signing activity when clicking on an Application, and looking at the Audits card. This gives a historical record of all contract signing, so you can make more informed chasing up of leads.

Next steps

Now that you've successfully signed Contracts, you may want to learn about new Residents and Subscriptions, or move on to related subjects:


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