Learn how to add a viewing to an enquiry and manage your schedule.


Start scheduling viewings with minimal effort, send your leads an automatic confirmation email and ensure your team is fully prepared for each viewing.

Viewings is designed to increase your conversion rate by giving you on-demand access to the most relevant customer and unit data. Below, we outline how to create viewings and a few tips to get the most out of this feature-set.

Create a viewing

Viewings are created directly from within an Enquiry card. On the enquiries page you will find the Viewings tab, from which you can create a new viewing.

Upcoming Viewings

You can use the Viewings page to ensure you don't miss any upcoming appointments. Click into a viewing to see all the information about your upcoming appointment.

If your viewing was successful you can Confirm the Unit from within the Viewings Card.

Use Agenda to see all your up and coming Viewings

Next steps

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