Learn how to add new buildings and generate enquiry forms

Buildings, found from the main navigation bar, is an index of your buildings and units on Yorlet. It is also a place where you can customise the branding of your buildings, generate Enquiry forms and add links to ToS & Privacy policies.

Every property on Yorlet is considered its own object, this means that you can configure each property to its own requirements.

Your properties may have different brand guidelines, and hence will require unique colour schemes during the application process or within the resident portal.

Add a new Building

Use the following steps to add a new building as well as configure the property-specific details:

Step 1: Create a Building

To begin, select Properties > Buildings from the main navigation bar, and use the + Create button on the top right hand corner of the UI.

Step 2: Select an Entity

Every Building on your Yorlet account must be associated with an Entity. Choosing the correct Entity is a crucial part of creating a property as all payments made in relation to that property will be sent to that Entity's bank account.

You cannot change the Entity once a property has been created.

Step 3: Configure the Building


Add the name and address details of the property. This information will be used during the Application process to generate AST or License agreements with your customers.


Accents determine the primary UI colours that a customer will experience during the Application process and from within the Resident portal. Simply copy and paste the Hex code you wish to use. Additionally, you can edit the display name of the property that you wish to present to customers.

Branding options are meant to be flexible, hence each property can have it's own customer experience, or you can keep the experience consistent throughout your entire portfolio.

By providing the appropriate links, you ensure that your customers are presented with your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy at the beginning of every Application process. These links can be specific to one property, or you can choose to use the same policies across your portfolio.

You can change the Brand and Legal options anytime after creation by editing the property.

Next steps

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